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  1. Dear Admin, Thanks for your reply. Very helpful for me. I want some ask GG can't remove or delete folder by using script? If can please guide me example script Please Thank you
  2. Dear GameGuardian Team, I want to know GG can remove multi files by using extension os.remove can use for exect name and extension need . for example : os.remove ("location......../ *.*txt") it not working. i want delete all files under a folder by using extension name only. Please help me Thank GG Team
  3. Dear GG Team , I want to know GG can check android IMEI code by lua script , i want make a script that can run only one device , so i check with IMEI for allow to script run. Someone guide me please with e.g script code ,thanks all sir ✌ ☺
  4. er__ror

    Menuhack V4 decrypted

    Dear Bro, I want to know no recoil script , if you have. I alway credit GG team and script owner.
  5. Dear GG Team, I want to know some issue please help me . My phone is no root so i use virtual xposed in gg and all is fine. But now i have one problem i play online game login with facebook so i use this game with gg but i can't login to exiting Facebook link account. Some error appear please see in photo and help me . Thank GG team, I love Gameguardian <3
  6. I already get this message in parallel . How can i fixed it?
  7. Xray mod workingo can you add high jump, wallclimb and wallhack shoot? I can't find this address i am noobies thank bro
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