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  1. Thanks for information I want to ask if i use remix os GG is working in remix os root ?
  2. Sorry this is my logcat I use logcat extreme Log_2018-01-22_09-04-23.txt
  3. Sorry this is my logcat thanks dev GG_4.2.2_API_17.log
  4. Idk about game protection but i try on my friends phone its work but not work on my phone And game never close or force close (stopped) Reason 3&4 idontknow about this I don't have Supersu / BusyBox coz I root from another apps plz can u help me.
  5. Basically I have been tested to all my game and I still got error notice 105 I use Ba*du root (dianx*nos superuser) coz ki*groot or other not work on my phone All system and logcat in ss
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