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  1. @ajayp : sorry, my question is out of your topic because i played on Ios device(used gamegem to hack) In nfs no limit 2.8.5, i hack gold by searching the value since the game started loading and the circle spanning but this hack is not worked for the latest version 2.9.1. can u please show me how to hack gold without using your script? so sorry, if this post is bothering you guyz.
  2. @sp0000ky : i am not good skill as you guyz, i do follow your instruction for hacking gold but this doesn't work for my account. could you please explain more how to hack gold? sorry for my bad english
  3. in thi forum http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=832649&st=7200; FoReVeRSpd had mentioned that some of BP car newer showed up in black market but could be cracked. I tried to register account for this forum but not pass the image security with russian character....anyone here could plz register account and asked FoReVeRSpb for the BP hacked ? sorry for my bad english
  4. My problem is : i hack freeze token all access tuner trials ( changed 86400 to 999999999 ) and it only worked for opening all access day but not freeze token. After finishing all races of tuner trials , the next 2 days ( hacked on Monday, now is Wednesday) tuner trials had not opened for me anymore. Any suggestion or solution to solve my problem?
  5. @cebs : can u guide me step by step in english please ? how to hack money like the video u posted tks a lot
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