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Found 9 results

  1. In the new update, the bugs were fixed to get 200 gold and 50,000 of money, hopefully new bugs will be discovered, comment here if you find something new. Greetings.
  2. Hi Ppl, Just wanted to know if there is a fuel hack for Need for Speed No limits (2.7.3). I tried few old tricks but it didn't work out for me which is the issue... Thanks in advance!
  3. Need For Speed No Limits 2.7.3

    Name of Game: Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): Version:2.7.3 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Gold, vip, tuning points, money. Have you tried cheating this game? No Whathappened?: I Need to know How other hackers can cheat specific points like a vip and others Comments: Can anyone help me how to find the right values in Need for Speed No Limits 2.7.3 using Game Guardian?I saw videos on YouTube of people hacking gold but only with high values, with small values I found around 70-100 values, however I need to find out which are the two that I need to change is this also true for money and other hacks.Note that this hack is done when we close NFS, we record the number that we want to modify, we open it and when the game is loading, we look for the value in GG and modify it. I searched the internet but found nothing on, can anyone help me with this? Remember that while the game is loading and we use the GG, it is possible to hack to VIP, money, gold, tool points, scrap, etc. Thanks for listening
  4. when i tried to modify a dword value & freeze it with game guardian in nfs no limits 2.0.3 in an android rooted phone. The game keeps changing the value again & again it's goes up like cat & mouse never ending chase. Does anyone how to get around this ? As far as i know, their is a option in cheat engine pc application " find out what writes to this address --> fill with nops "
  5. need for speed no limits

    I want to show you gameguardian
  6. Hello dear, there is some way to cheat the black market, to buy more planes than those left to buy, which are currently only 25.
  7. i am not able to hack NFS No limits GAME, Error coming GAME DEAD when i try to hack.. plz help me out
  8. Ayuda!!! Help! Help

    Hola, tengo un problema con nfs no límits cuando introduzco. Todos los valores tal cual que Se muestran en cientos de tutoriales, a Mi ocurre que se agregan las cantidades que elijo,, pero inmediatamente vuelven a la cantidad anterior. Ejemplo: Tengo 43.560, Cambio la cantidad a 99.999.999 y. cambia todo bien pero de inmediato vuelve la cantidad a. 43.560. ?????????? Porta, si alguien conoce la solución.....
  9. Need for Speed No Limits

    Why Game Guardian doesn't work on NFS no limits new version anymore?? Will it work again? Help please lolc