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  1. @Enyby is it possible to toggle Elite Status off? Because it's impossible to play Elite Cars offline and playing online with all my hacked credits, token/BP cars and stuff will result in a ban 100% I want to change the car from Elite to Non-Elite and still use Elite Tuning Hack for better Speed.
  2. @Enyby latest patch is very old (from 2016). does it still work? i tried many different patches but none of them work the latest one says: "Error LP:%SO% are not found!" you know how to fiy it? A( version is 3.5.0j, lucky patcher is notthe newest but very new. i have root and A8 installed on in internal storage (sdcard0/android/data/com.gloft......). how do you remove ban message?
  3. Critical number for an rapid change? so the best is to add credits slowly in multiple small steps? Like 1 million every 2 h or smth.? I mean hackers like BeaSt Ghost must`ve found a way to get much credits fast without getting a ban. btw didnt knew that this way was also common way
  4. @Enyby hi bro. I want to hack credits on my general account (13d playtime) and I want to make sure that I dont get banned. The "normal" way can get you banned. According to my knowledge (I may be wrong) you "damage" / change the hash-code of your savedata in a way which is not natural if you hack credits by changing the credits variable. My idea is to change the credits base payout you get from a race. For Example: I change the credits payout from DS Survolt Season 9 from xxxx to 10 000 000 credits and finish the race. If I do it this way the hash-code should be changed normally since the credit value its changed by the application itself and not by game guardian? Am I right? Is this a safe way to hack credits? If not is it still possible to multiplicate your account unlimited times? And how long does it take that yoi get banned if the system detects you as hacker? If you hack an extremly suspicious amount of credist usingthe old way (999 999 999 credits) you will get banned instantly? After a week? After a month? Thx in advance for your help bro. P.S. I am using Nox & GG newest Version
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