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  1. Can some one explain the features ?
  2. No grass is not working I think but speed works very good for me also if u can put speed blood and shooting away from speed hack cuz I dont wanna use speed all the time
  3. What does white eye do ? Thanks for u work
  4. Took no recoil is awesome but sadly give u ban after a little bit but really a game changer !! 0 sec med kit is f9 but try to add energydrinks and other meds
  5. Great work bro but I'm sorry what does giant do u become very visual to any one so idk what it does also u should try take the weapon colour and the line for males to add them in ur script but thanks allot for ur help man
  6. I ve tasted on many accounts auto aim give ban after 2 min dont use it every thing else is ok also speed hack is not working any more it's need to be updated
  7. Some times when u apply aim Crouch dont work any ideas
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