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  1. Idk less recoil get ban now like aimbot,before update 10 jan,this cheat safe for using in rank..
  2. I have that code ,but i think unlimited ammo will ruin this game like aimbot :/ _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later Tinggal pkai sbelum naik pesawat,dan blokir hasilnya
  3. View File Rules Of Surival Lua Submitter Grigory123 Submitted 01/11/18 Category LUA scripts
  4. Don't use in main account,not safe, u can use with a new account for test it
  5. Hi i made new script and have 4 feauture: 1.Less Recoil 2.Visual Wall hack 3.Body Giant 4.Fast Parachute I Hate leecher,Don't Steal my script and edited to his own and made own credit . RosV1.0.0.lua
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