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  1. cashloft took your video down ?
  2. Cam_A

    Aspahlt 9

    NoFear has been busy working on values still. Unlimited Nitro working - but no rep to club with races Nitro boost - working and gives rep with club Drag reduction - 1/2 working, it will also boost the opponent cars in career, and not working on all cars. NoFear is trying to find how to separate values of your car to AI so that they don't also receive boost. Once this is done script will be perfect.
  3. Cam_A

    Aspahlt 9

    Script is still in BETA, not working with all cars. But it is worth every penny still! ?
  4. Private videos would be best! If you could pm me just for gold that would be awesome Anything else is a bonus after
  5. Would be great thank you a million
  6. Modded APK is great for coins/diamonds Speed hack would be awesome if you could PM the float @EliudRm
  7. If anyone could PM me private video or tutorial please? Seems speedhack is fixed on chests, and any data I change corrupts the game :\
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