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  1. Anyone need Crates ID's? Here Engineer Crate 13;6815843;6226017;6619236;6357108;7077993;115::50 Body Repair Crate 11;6357095;6815843;6226017;6357104;7209065;116::50 Weapon Crate 19;6881395;7340141;6619244;7798879;6357093;7274608;110::50 Rare Weapon Crate 17;6357106;6619250;7798879;6357093;7274608;110::50 Modified Weapon Crate 21;6881382;6553701;7798879;6357093;7274608;110::50 Humanitarian Crate 10;6357095;6815843;6226017;7274598;6553711::50 Resources Crate 14;6815843;6226017;6619250;7274611;7471221;6619235::50
  2. There is a lot of people uploading a hack using method from this forums in public,is that okay?im scared Developer will patched it
  3. Duplication hack Freeze method is no longer work
  4. Anyone know what id for chopper gas tank and fork?im struggle searching that id
  5. Is there any new video about hacking on 1.5.7?if yes can anyone send me a link,i want to lear how to hack
  6. I wanna make my modified weapon unlimited,mine is now only 125 and i want to make it like 500k *sry bad english
  7. Hi can anyone help me hacking modified weapon?i need it so bad
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