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  1. hi. just thought id pop a post in here to say hi. new to android (well had it a few months) - previously had blackberrys - what a breath of fresh air android is to the blackberry os. i got GG a few weeks back now for simpsons tapped out - since stopped working but it was great when it did. have used it for a few other games since - brilliant app.
  2. they have updated tapped out now. if i run GG at the same time as tapped out either tapped out crashes or GG crashes. when it does work you can not find the correct blocks to edit - if you do find the correct blocks after a restart of the game reverts your donuts back to what your previous values were. i think because the game requires internet connection it stores your money, xp and donut values on the server and loads these values into random blocks during game play. i also think that their servers keep a log of your purchase history so can see if you have used cheats to gain donuts. my money and xp values have not reverted back. i also saved the blocks to edit and if you try to load the blocks again they still show the same values you have previously input - another reason why i think the game now uses random blocks and pulls data from their servers - hence the 'sychronising' screen at game boot. GG worked great when i first got the game but since the first update of the game it has no longer functioned with tapped out. hope thay makes sense.
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