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  1. Ruit

    Mono Toolkitten

    Version 0.9


    Mode: Rooted & Non rooted Current version: 0.9 - Beta Description: Mono Toolkitten is an advanced external injector for mono backend games. This project aims for runtime injection on the fly, such as dumping and injecting & invoking dlls without to modify the apk. The injector is currently in beta phase. Features: - Dumping dlls, best for dumping encrypted dlls. - Plugin system (Inject external dlls) [coming soon] - Neat self logcat - Cute user interface (-: Support: -ARM & x86 (Works for emulators too, tested on memu & nox) -Android 5.0 and above How to use (Root): 1- Launch Mono Toolkitten, grant permissions and then the overlay kitten icon will appear. 2- Now return to home screen and lunch your target game. 3- Click on kitten icon and you should see running mono processes, choose your target game and pick any function you want. How to use (No Root): 1- Download your favorite virtual space from gameguardian > Link < 2- Launch your virtual space app then add Mono Toolkitten and your target game to it. 3- Launch Mono Toolkitten within your virtual space app, then the overlay kitten icon will appear just like gameguardian. 4- Now return to virtual space app and lunch your target game. 5- Click on kitten icon and you should see running mono processes, choose your target game and pick any function you want. -Inside Mono Toolkitten app there is 3 sections: 1- Home (Welcoming page) 2- Logcat (Shows logs of the application, mostly for injections) 3- About (blah Notes: -For virtual space users, the dump files will be generated inside the virtual app storage. -For dumping encrypted dlls, I have noticed some developers also remove or mess up the dll header, so if the dumped dll still can't be opened then check the header and fix it yourself. -The dlls dumper is open source on [Github], if ptrace failed then you can simply compile the lib and make necessary changes to the apk to load the lib. -If you are on emulator and your target game doesn't appear in injections page, then check if the game has arm or x86 libs, it must be x86 if you are on emulator. Future plans: -Finishing dll injecting method -Package name randomization Changelogs: ~
  2. Name: Dead Trigger 2 Version: 1.3.0 Root: No Mods:-Money rain -Wallhack -Teleport zombies -Unlimted ammo -Choose bullet type -Godmode Install Steps:-Download Modded APK -Open apk and download resourcesCredits To: RuitGooglePlay: | Download Here |Modded APK: | Download Here |
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