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  1. Still freeze. Can you update to run hackspeed on android 7? Thanks
  2. Thanks you, i will try.
  3. My device is rooted. I don't know why have this line. My device OTA to android 7, so i can't run hackspeed heroes charge. Did you have any solution for this error. Thanks you.
  4. New logcat Log_2017-01-17_09-50-08.txt
  5. Thanks you so much. But i don't see menu in my app logcat reader. My device not hang, just game heroes charge hang when i run GG hackspeed. I will find way to record logcat. My devide is galaxy S7 and run android 7.0.
  6. New logcat. Thanks for your help. alogcat.2017-01-16-21-00-50+0700.txt
  7. New logcat. When i star hackspeed game freeze immediately. alogcat.2017-01-16-20-13-27+0700.txt
  8. GG 8.13 can not run hackspeed game heroes charge. Can dev help me, plz. alogcat.2017-01-16-19-46-47+0700.txt
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