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  1. I'm waiting for you an other to comment here my friend [added 1 minute later] Learn from lots of people bro
  2. Hi everyone, I created this thread in order to share those code, values of items in game Last day on earth so that we can do the change values stuff. Many thanks for anyone sharing This is the item code for season 7 as far as I know now medical_mask heavy_raiders_blade (Splash) raider_hat_elite 16;6357106;6553705;7471205;6815839;7602273;6619231;6881388;6619252:33 raider_shirt_elite 18;6357106;6553705;7471205;7536735;6881384;7602290;6619231;6881388;6619252:37 raider_pants_elite 18;6357106;6553705;7471205;7340127;7209057;7536756;6619231;6881388;6619252:37 raider_boots_elite 18;6357106;6553705;7471205;6422623;7274607;7536756;6619231;6881388;6619252:37 season_07_biker_gacha_week_1 (club member box) 28;6619251;7536737;7209071;3145823;6225975;6881378;6619243;6226034;6357095;6815843;6226017;6619255;7012453;3211359:57 season_07_biker_gacha_week_2 (club treasure box) 28;6619251;7536737;7209071;3145823;6225975;6881378;6619243;6226034;6357095;6815843;6226017;6619255;7012453;3276895:57 season_07_biker_gacha_week_3 (club captain box) 28;6619251;7536737;7209071;3145823;6225975;6881378;6619243;6226034;6357095;6815843;6226017;6619255;7012453;3342431:57 biker_patch 13;6881378;6619243;6226034;6357104;6488180;6226024;49::29 biker_patch_2 13;6881378;6619243;6226034;6357104;6488180;6226024;50::29 biker_patch_3 13;6881378;6619243;6226034;6357104;6488180;6226024;51::29
  3. sorry but your channel seem gone :(
  4. Hi Turbosjoker, can you update the script to buy mercenaries? Many thanks
  5. you are my hero, thank you alot
  6. Please update script for new packs. Many thanks
  7. Please update, the game 1.11.7 infinity objects not working
  8. Hi, can you add item code for tactical backpack ?
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