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  1. I had no luck with Float, use QWord, it works better (do select all memory locations as shown in the video tutorial). Do not select Xor or encrypted. Say you want billion zillion bullets: Make sure you have 3 bullets at least. Bring up your backpack Add one bullet to backpack. so there is 2 bullet in repository, one in backpack. Search for all QWord variables, hide GG. Move one bullet from repo to backpack, so there is one bullet left in the repo, two in the backpack Search again for all changed variables. Take that one bullet out of backpack back into the repo, so there is one bullet in backpack, two in repo Search again. Do this till you have exactly 2 variables left in the list of GG. They have exactly 19 digits. One is for backpack, one is for repository. Try change some digits (it usually starts with 426... changing to 436... works good). If the game crashes, try again. Now, depending on which variable is which, you should have about 3 billion bullets in backpack or in repo. Bullets take at most one space in the backpack so it's ok to have 3 billion of them (you don't have to add them each time you go out). But for anything other than the bullets, always start with zero item in the backpack and at least 2 (not 1! 2 or more) in the repo. you'll end up with one variable, and that is only for repo (it's not a good idea to add zillion billion axes to your backpack). Bonus points: If you had 2 axes in the repo when you found the value for the variable holding number of axes, say it was 4,261,562,198,132,323,123 then you know 4,261,562,198,132,323,123 represents "2" in the game (this changes next time you open the game or go out of the house and come back though). Say you have 5 bandages. add 3 of bandages to backpack so there is 2 in the repo. search for exact value 4,261,562,198,132,323,123, about 15 to 30 variables will show up. go back to game, move the bandages back to the repo. search again but this time for 'changed values', you'll end up with one variable to change. This is much much quicker than searching from scratch. Hint 0: DO backup using titanium backup or something alike. the f*** game is designed to make you lose a few times, so you'll goddamn pay the developer to make progress. Also it's a good idea to have backup in case you mess up your backpack. Hint 1: You may want to use speed hack while messing with the values and backpack, as the player get's hungry or loses stamina while you're finding the variables. I set the speed to 0.001 (0.001, 1 and 4, 4 for when fighting with zombies and it gets boring). Thanks to NoFear for the original tutorial.
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