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  1. jiangyunchuan

    LUA scripting

    First, I'm going to search 1111 (this value I'll replace in the address at the back), and then the new search 2222,3333,4444. Now replace 2222 with 1111. Then replace 3333 with the address of 4444. Search again for the value of 4444 offset +100. Excuse me how this script should be written, just touch the script, is learning the script.
  2. 8.18.0 open zhe speedhack need wait 3s,8.20.0 It takes more than 8 seconds.Can you optimize the waiting time for speedhack?
  3. There is a new problem, now open the speehack, the game can not operate for a few seconds, but at this time, the game has not been suspended.
  4. I found that this problem will occur when the hidden function is turned on
  5. 8.19.3 speedhack also have this problem.mx5 wait time litter than mx4 ,mx5 wait time only 1s,mx4 need10s and more
  6. Every time I open speedhack,zhe game will stop for a few seconds,At this time, I can't do anything. Is there any way to solve it?
  7. thank you,I hope GG can add copyright protection, there are currently in China has been tampered with GG files to get private interests.I was worried that someone was in the future to add malicious software
  8. the speedhack can run my mx4 and mx5 device .but can't run on 魅蓝3s(5.1) device, I test other game,it's ok.but `com.tencent.tmgp.PalaceM2cncn` can't run speedhack. (mx4(4.4.2) and mx5(5.1) it's OK.File is 魅蓝3s's linker and catlog linker.zip logcat_and_device_info.zip
  9. the 8.9.1 GG speedhack can run 4.42 and 5.1,well done! thanks!
  10. the Android 4.4.2 logcat, use the 8.9.0 GG.and GameGuardian.git_signed.apk speedhack also not work. 442.txt
  11. now,I found a tool can run speedhack on zhe Android 5.1,I Break the pie limit from internet,but zhe GG aslo can't it.zhe tool is huluxia,but The tool can't search data. huluxia.apk
  12. Is there any way to solve it now? Or waiting for your good news?
  13. Yes, there is no problem with SBGH on the 4.4.2.now I want to update5.1,but no speedhack can run.
  14. Thank you for answering my questions.there are 3 files.One is a 4.4.2 file, one is 5.1 file, one is a Chinese speedhack,I can use this Chinese tool.But the authors did not update the support 5.1.You can try this tool, may be helpful for your tool development.I hope you can help solve my device can not use the GG problem, thank you! linker442.zip linker5_1.zip sbtools442.zip
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