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  1. okay thanks a lot my friend for your guidance n cooperation
  2. agree but i dont understand why after selecting speed, my game is hanging or stucking in between while swiping the screen
  3. its okay, i will look into this matter later, important matter is :
  4. i just know 1 thing my frd, when i play game n start GG, my phone gets upset...lol. its k not a big deal, pls check my other questions, thanks a lot.
  5. device memory 862MB, gg using 19mb if i m not running game, but i cant check gg usage when game is on n gg is used while playing game. coz to c memory i need to exit game n gg stops using RAM
  6. by default its No _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later i also unchecked all memory ranges, but cant notice any difference
  7. Hi Frd, GG consuming lots of ram, mobile gets very slow n battery heats up very fast, any ideas how can i lower the consumption please. Thanks, GP
  8. by checking all the greens, game is hanging now, can u pls tell me which greens are important?
  9. I am from india, in asia taxes are so high, n lots of corruption that middle class ppl cant think to spend 10 dollars on games, i m looking for a job from last 5 years, still got none, tried lots of businesses too, none worked coz of corruption. reality is something else, we dont wanna cheat anybody but its the system here n 1 person cant change the system. We dont earn here that much, thats the reason we shift towards bigger countries, i was in england for 5 years for my higher studies n i took loan of 20000 pounds, which i worked hard n returned in just less than 2 years, coz i was in england, here it took me 15 to 20 years, i hope now u got the idea, why we are cheaters. sorry for that. But coz of our cheating only GG is growing coz we here take all the risks, i put my accounts under risk, coz maybe i will loose the accounts but at least i will share my knowledge here to protect others from getting banned, I am happy being a cheater now, i feel proud of myself, even if i m poor. thx
  10. dont know much bout programming dear
  11. alright thx guys, i think let the screen be on 24x7, i dont care, after all my phone is already 4 years old crap now...lol xmodgames is not safe for farming
  12. screen touch is fine n game not hanging coz m not using too many apps in my phone, coz ram is most important thing while running gg
  13. no no m using 1 app, it allows screen to keep on always, but is there any way that i can turn off my screen n gg still works at the backend?
  14. yeah, selected all greens n its working, thx a lot.
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