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  1. Yep, i'm always rooted. And any Tutorial for that. or any short video available in this forum.? Thanks
  2. Hi. is their anyway to bypass asphalt 8 ban. i used to un-ban my self using lucky patcher "new gameloft account" patch but this new account patch not seems to be working anymore. patch applied successful but still remain banned. any fix for that or updated patch which will work . Thanks
  3. SO how To hack Stars Exactly ??? i Tried Simple Dword Searching method , Not Working.... . So Values are Encrypted , Right ?? So how i Increase stars?
  4. Hmm Right , Thanks for Clearing that 230 .... One more question , are Blue Credits and Stars are hackable or Not ??? (i Know They are Server Sided , But Still anyway )
  5. In This Video , Person searches for Value 230 , Change all Found 230 values to greater Number... Now Simple play the stage , and then the changed value (Coins) add into your coins... This actually works .. So why he searches for value 230 ?? how he knows it's 230 ??
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