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  1. You cant , what you missed is lost , the cars are game server sided untill you own them
  2. As we know we already have an scrap hack that works but i found another hack in game money (not gold sadly) This works on latest version 1.3.8 This is probably device and Android system dependable I have less luck with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ sm-g928f with audax 8.0 android 6.0.1, it crash nfs no limit crash pretty fast, even if I start nfs no limit and game guardian nfs crash the 1st time On the other hand I have more luck with LG G3 D855 With XOSP android 6.0.1 Ok steps I performed 1. Start need for speed no limit 2. Start game guardian and select need for speed 3. Let nfs load till you are in the map screen 4. Search for value 15000 dword once done change all that have been found to 10000000, after you changed values clear them 5. Search for value 7500 dword all found values change to 10000000 again and clear them after 6. Go back to game, go to underground chapter 8 final boss racer 7. Race him and you get 10mil on card pull i did not try any other values for this , feel free to try it and report back don't try higher then 10mil, either game crash or values are reverted and you have to start over, also be sure you have below 1mil in game cash, i believe for in game money the limit is 15 mil at max, i had this problem a while back when i hacked nfs no limit when reaching 15mil i did not get anymore and the gained 10mil i gotten is auto decrased on your in game cash, it 1st count then decrase it, Some screenshots in attachments as proof, funny thing is it change all items to money, I don't have it tested on other courses and I don't have tested any other money values, these hacks are performed with my LG G3 D855 XOSP android 6.0.1, I upgraded all my cars except the Nissan and BMW, d*** special card and blue prints, wish I could hack those to like I did with other cars in the past, but if someone can find out a gold hack for lvl 100 please tell us
  3. is there some txt gui? pls i can't realy follow what you do in the video you are going to fast, and my adresses are difrent from your'se
  4. I cheat in nfs like 3 months untill they updated the protection
  5. Your mean lol , but i hope someone can make a new gui but sofar can not find anything on google
  6. Oh that one this method dont work i showed you
  7. Oh that, if you say so but it dont work for the games i play sadly
  8. Would perfered an english tut
  9. Huh? What you mean by that
  10. Asphalt 8 is online and not small , its nearly androids Biggest game on 900mb
  11. man all the games i play sofar, i cant seems to find out how to hack the games with gameguardian empire four kingdoms need for speed no limit brave frontier (japanse version) puzzle and dragons (NA version) dream girlfriend chain chronicle its like this tool only work for small offline games and not online anymore
  12. lost the cars ? to my experiance it restore the account if you reinstall the game
  13. i understand you, but i thought that you had to change lines in the app so that it works again
  14. pls like to know also, thx in advance, make a simple text gui , for us
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