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  1. @NoFear can you show how you do that please thank you very much
  2. yes did you find something
  3. or make Screenshots Step by step can you make s Video how to Do that
  4. can you make s Video how to Do that
  5. dreamer23


    @Enyby is IT possible to load the List of all unrandomizer values like a search to edit all to Different values like 1;2;3;4 and not all to 1; 1;1 or 2;2;2
  6. dreamer23


    @Enyby your unrandomizer work in bulu monster and doubleucasino but in doubleucasino you have to experiment with numbers to find a good win maker
  7. All numbers has the same effect. Unrandomizer is so great thank you very much gameguardian admins
  8. Ok thank you and did you find aus Game with randomizer
  9. No way of disable protection in this game work for me and at proccess list IT show 3 proccesses of the game
  10. If i use gg on this game It show security alert in the game
  11. Look on this request there is a Video tutorial
  12. @NoFear When comes the video
  13. I hope the video will come soon
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