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  1. Okay, I'm running several tests now. Sorry about before. I feel dumb now. I wasn't looking right. The "VirtualBackup" folder actually IS there. I just didn't do the deeper search. That's good to know. At least now it's on my mind. Also, talking about this, I've been Googling and going deeper on the web and found a thread talking about this. Here's the link: https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/22554-parallel-space-datadata-folder-location/ I'll even try to participate after I run all the tests. But I've been finding out some interesting things. About the return codes, thanks for the clarification. It ensured me now about what I'm doing. Actually, as you mentioned, I started looking for the permissions for each app, in both virtual spaces and real ambient and it looks fine. Both Parallel Space and VirtualBackup have proper permissions. I've taken some screenshots if you would like to see. So about the tests, I've found out that the "VirtualBackup" folder is there. Yes, I feel stupid now. My humble apologies for that. TL:DR1: So, to do not waste your time again... I just found that there are several structures from folders and sub-folders regarding the Parallel Space, Virtual Backup and so on. What I was seeing in the Virtual Backup app wasn't very clear. It was showing me a path while it was somewhere else. That's what confused me. The thread in the forums up above helped me out on this. If you see the screenshot about how the paths are shown, that's probably the reason it will lead to an unpredictable mistake and confusion. https://i.imgur.com/mecVufi.jpg After analyzing all of that, I've cleared everything that was under the Parallel Space and Virtual Backup folders, and started from scratch. Started with a dumb game just to make sure the progress or even some pennies in gold saved. Now running the rest, I can see that... (Several minutes later) Well, I got it now. Glad to see it's working. It was fun to tinker with this stuff. All you have to do is to do not confuse what's shown in Virtual Backup app logs and the folder structures and etc. I'm really happy to see it working, really you did a nice job here. It probably will work not only for games, but other apps as well. If I ever need to save app data, I'll give it a try and come around to report in. Now I can also manage my Virtual Spaces and Backups in zipped formats and upload to the clouds. It will be a lifesaver, hehehe. TL;DR2: However, after running all these tests, I'm still curious about one thing. After messing up with all these experiments, like backing up, restoring, deleting files in the sub-directories, etc... I couldn't figure out what exactly it's done about how you handle the internal app data. This is hard to explain... So, after backing up the modified app data, I zipped the files somewhere else and started to mess with the files. The game data and other apps were all deleted, and then I left clean directories. And then, after cleaning everything and restoring the game data from the zipped file I left in other location, I deleted the Virtual Backup and I didn't open the game yet. The Parallel Space directories (for both x32/x64) are clear as well, no data recorded with the game I've restored. Now, when I go to the Parallel Space manager and head up to the storage management, it says the data IS there, but I've deleted all the data that's within the Virtual Backup and Parallel Space folders! I'll try to show in practical examples. The directories that ACTUALLY hold the data are these: /storage/emulated/0/parallel_intl (this is where the Parallel Space saves the Virtual Backup data and other details) /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.lbe.parallel.intl (and subfolders. There are several of them. This is for the Parallel Space x32 data) /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.lbe.parallel.intl.arm64 (and this for x64 data) There are several file structutes held in these directories, but nothing related to the REAL app data (that is saved in the root directories) isn't shown there. If I had root access, I'd probably going to see the real app data in the /data/data/ directories. But it's not the case. My question is: how did you manage to store the actual app data that is held in the Virtual Spaces into the root directory, and not to those internal storage ads and other useless stuff folders? In the end it's simple, you have a bunch of garbage stored in those folders I've mentioned above, such as app cache, ads and etc. But the real app data is written in the root directories. How do you write that data to the admin directories without root access? Is it an exploit that hasn't been patched yet or something like that? I didn't analyze the source code, but I'm really asking myself how you do that (without root access at all). Also, I've noticed some apps and games show in both Virtual Backup x32/x64. Any idea why? Well, for future updates of Virtual Backup app, if you ever will keep maintaining it, I'd suggest to review what directories are shown in the real Android structure instead of generic locations. That really made me confused about how to deal with the actual directories. Thanks for everything and sorry for the mistakes.
  2. I thought it was fine to talk in English. Just wanted to ease things. But if you prefer it written or subbed, I'll do that next time. Anyway, what I did was really simple, just tried to back up the data from the existing game (in Virtual Space, on Parallel, just in case) with the saved progress and tried to restore it again after the backup. But as you could see, it did not return me the code '1' in the end of the 1st backup attempt. I guess that was supposed to work in other way. But as you told, I'll try like you said. Just to keep the folders inside the directories' structures and that's fine. Well, you didn't show that on the demo video, so I was a bit confused. I thought it was all automatic. And I guess you might got it wrong. I didn't clear the game data before the backup process. I did it after, like I showed you in the video. Let me repeat to make sure I got you correctly: with the current game progress, I just back up the game data via (virtualized) Virtual Backup app and it should return me the end code '1', as it should be successful. But it was not the case. This is the screenshot of your demo video in this page showing what you've done: And this is the screenshot of what I tried to do with the Virtual Backup app: And to make sure you get things right, I've checked whether the Virtual Backup folder was created in the internal storage (it should be with the /storage/emulated/0/VirtualBackup) with a file explorer, but it was not there at all. Please check the screenshot below: These were all the results related to the "virtual backup" search I've found on the device. The 1st cases are from the internal MIUI backup I've done. That's in case of emergency or data loss. And then some music I have on my device. But no folder called "VirtualBackup" or anything like that. Just to make sure I get you right: I should run the Virtual Backup app within the virtual space, right? I tried out of virtual space and it shouldn't work at all. But it's supposed to back up the game data to the "VirtualBackup" folder, right? So, as it didn't create the "VirtualBackup" folder at all, what else am I supposed to do? Should I create it within the internal storage manually? I just tried to backup the game data with Virtual Backup for future purposes, so I can control the game progress or roll back in case I reach a certain point or if it crashes at all (it happened to me before). The idea was simple, I just wanted to use the Virtual Backup app to manage the game progress and data, not only to just move the data along with other Virtual Space apps. It's the only workaround I've found so far to manage the data of each of those games with no root. But I've been preferring the games that sync data to the cloud. If I had root, I'd use Titanium Backup anyway. And talking about root, remember that I have no root access at all. Just make sure to tell me if the Virtual Backup app requires root permissions or not. I thought it was a non-root version, as I've been reading so far. But correct me if I'm wrong. If it requires root, just never mind. I just wanted a non-root solution, that's all. If it doesn't work without root, I think there's no point in trying to use it anyway. I think that's all for now. Hoping to see further what's going on with this.
  3. Sorry I'm too late for this. But I always wanted to make a video showing you how it doesn't work and now here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5334xwKJis Keep in mind that this is a video showing how Virtual Backup doesn't work on non-root ambient. If I had root, I'd use Titanium Backup or something else like that anyway... My system details: https://i.imgur.com/ZB6fsUc.jpg I had to do some quick video editing now just to make sure things are clear enough and not as boring to watch in slowpoke mode, lol.
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