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  1. Awesome! Btw what is a good range interms of modifying the amount of stats my toon has etc. Because i do want to eventaully do the backup restore to play the new boss but dont want to get banned instantly .
  2. Yeah im just retarted got it going perfectly. Quick question reckon the titanium backup method to play the current version with all the zen stuff i got via the modded version will work?
  3. mmm wont let me create a new id, when i click the creat ID section nothing happens. not sure if you had this happen to you? maybe it has something to do how i uninstalled my previous game? because i had 1.02 installed and had a toon already but all i did was uninstall and then just installed the modded version. should i have gone through and removed anything else? EDIT: Nvm im retarted i got it going .
  4. Okay so i do the airplane mode, to the start screen turn it off. Turn off airplane mode hit start make a character, then it pops up with "Creat ID", and when i try to cancel that i cant my only option is to close the game. Did i do soemthing wrong?
  5. Oh was just giving you props because i just installed and this worked INSTANTLY. Freaking awesome job man! BTW do i still have to do the airplane mode thingo? I did it anyways and worked not sure if you still need to do it.
  6. I just posted on the 1.0.0 thread before seeing this thread, hopefully this solves my problem. But you are you sir a champ for doing this!
  7. I use a rooted samsung galaxy s2. I never played the game before patch 1.0.2, so i had 1.0.2 installed and was playing it normally had a level 50 zerker etc. So i wanted to try this modded version what processes should i take to remove the already installed game? I did a normal uninstall then looked for any gamevil folders via root explorer and removed it, even cleared cache. I followed each step on how to install and run the modded 1.0.0 and before running the game for the first time i use airplane mode to bypass the update. All the steps so far worked. My problem came when i made a new character and tried to play the game. The game just hangs and is stuck loading them comes up with "Zenonia 5 has stopped responding". When making a new toon Ive tried it with going through the intro and without. Hangs everytime and doesnt load. Has anyone been able to get the modded version work from 1.0.2 removal then installing the modded 1.0.0. Not sure if that even matters or not, but would really love some input on what might be my problem. Also where is the BHGPlus on a normal installation of zenonia 5, i cant seem to find it.
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