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  1. Patolaa

    Turbo League

    Remove topic thanks!
  2. Patolaa

    Word Domination

    Remove Request Please!!
  3. Close Request Please!
  4. I'd like to see some mcpe mods implemented into mcpe as Xmodgames and other hacking tools such as Blocklauncher can no longer keep up with the latest versions of mcpe and offer no further editional support regarding mods for mcpe. And there is a lack where there is no mods for mcpe here, I know this is because it's a PAID APP, but if anyone can...please give us a lua script or something similar to what Blocklauncher does, such as adding support for third party mods etc!
  5. Patolaa

    Word Domination

    Does anyone know how to hack: GEMS, COINS AND ENERGY in Word Domination? I've already tried hacking scores and points and it works using GameGuardian! and before you could edit Daily Challenge Wins and lock it using GameGuardian but the new update patched this, So I'm just wondering if anyone knows how to find those codes in the game and hack them. GEMS, COINS, ENERGY AND DAILY CHALLENGE WINS THANKS!
  6. Patolaa

    Turbo League

    Lucas the game is awesome yes, and I wouldn't want to ruin the fun but since the cars in the Game all have a pretty fair amount of speed...etc it's not really ruining the game getting the cars for free...! But like I said, if you got any tricks on how to do that...feel free to share! ?
  7. Patolaa

    Turbo League

    Hey just wondering if anyone has any idea on how to hack Turbo League. I'm not at all a hacker, but I do use hacking tools such as GameGuardian, Lucky Patcher And Other root privileges like, Xposed...recently I've discovered that in the Game [TURBO LEAGUE] with Lucky Patcher In-app purchase feature, you can buy a car and it would say purchase successful but the purchase is not permanent, it only lasts for 2 seconds until it goes back to the purchase screen and gives the message [Authentication failed]. I've also discovered that if you purchase a car using the in-app purchase and immediately selecting SOLO MODE, it let's you play the SOLO MODE with the car you purchased using the in-app purchase. But if you select [GO] it gives error, [THIS MODE IS NOT AVAILABLE OFFLINE] and it also says it in the Online Serves Section and does not let you play online with the car. But it tells you that [USER ALREADY OWN THIS PRODUCT!] if you try to buy the car using Gold. But the purchase is not permanent after a game! You can't use the car again, you have to repeat the method. So my Question is: Since the in-app purchase feature works and you can sort of buy cars and play with the car in SOLO MODE... Can it be permanently purchased some how ? And can it be used online? ANY TIPS?
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