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  1. Sorry to bump up an old thread but has anyone checked out what cheats still work on the latest version (v1.10.2)? I'm trying to play this game again after almost a year... Correction: I just remembered it's been more than a year. Last I played I can still do the duplicate hack, coin hack and xp hack.
  2. I've been trying to that gold hack for the better part of the day but the layout of the pointers are really different from the ones on the videos and on the instructions above. Dude can you check out what I'm doing and tell me what I'm doing wrong? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7QYo6AilR7uaWMtUktWcTFLTkk/view?usp=drivesdk Thanks!
  3. Oh okay. Got too excited and wanted to try the ATV. But if it doesn't work after finalizing it, I'll just settle for the chopper then lol Thanks man!
  4. Thank you SO much! I was finally able to finish my chopper. Now trying to complete the ATV but I can't get it to work using that same method. Tried the grouped search but no results come up. Should I try increasing the group size?
  5. Not sure if there's any *working* free craft mod so far for the latest update. Been looking for one all weekend but all I can find are unlimited coins mods, which I can already do using GG.
  6. If you mean how to buy them for free, you can't. Not even using the IAP patch in Lucky Patcher. I tried it and the game just gets stuck. The only items you can buy in the shop are those that use coins, provided that you did the coin hack first.
  7. I think what he means is that the game is not yet fully implemented (still in beta). And with regard to transportation, not all parts needed to complete the chopper and ATV are there yet. At least, no one has been able get all the parts yet, not even in the bunkers.
  8. Yeah I was previously using a mod apk back on the previous version but since 1.5.3 all the mod apks I've tried don't have a working free craft. So I'm now trying my luck at hacking to clone weapons.
  9. Hi folks, been trying most of the hacks mentioned here and had a few errors along the way, but I managed to make them work. Thanks! Btw, anyone know how to clone weapons? Since they're not stackable I can't do the freeze dupe. I got the VSS and I wanted to clone that. It's not yet available at the shop as of the 1.5.3 version. Thanks!
  10. xxITERUxx

    Deep Town

    that's true. from what happened to me it never reduces to 2 values, sometimes I'm left with 80 or more results. here's what I look for to know what those 2 values are: 1. they're always next to each other in the results list, and are 4 addresses apart. ex, if one address ends in A8 the address below it in the results list should be AC. 2. the values are almost always in the millions or billions, and are often negative integers. 3. i look at the ending digits of the values to see if their difference equals the last digit of the value i want to edit. ex, my copper value is 145 and i have 2 suspect addresses with the values 1,805,878,500 and 1,805,878,355. since 500 less 355 equals 145 i know these are the addresses i need to edit.
  11. xxITERUxx

    Deep Town

    tried this on v2.6.2 and it worked. i'll try it on the latest version and see what happens. edit: also working on the latest version. a bit of work and a calculator needed, but it works. thanks!
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