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  1. How do I use game guardian in Parallel space for this game? I don't have root on my phone. Random Dice: PVP Defense Version 3.13.2 - downloaded from Google play store. GameGuardian version: tried both latest version (95.0) and older versions, same thing happens. Parallel Space + 64 bit support: version 4.0.8934 I opened random dice pvp defense in Parallel space but when I launch "game guardian" the game will immediately crash. Or another scenario if I launch game guardian first then the game, the game will show an error message: "failed to load Il2cpp". Any idea how to go around their detection/protection? I can open and play the game normally if I don't launch game guardian.
  2. Hi sir need some help same thing happens, the game crashes after searching and editing the values with the script. I have activated hide gg number 2,3 and 4. Also tried activating 1,2,3 and 4. I run GG inside virtualxposed and the game in system, as followed 100% same with the video. I also uninstalled the gg in system. How to solve this?
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