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  1. can u share the old method which is still working _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later can u share the update on google drive
  2. I was quiet busy bro a that time, i can ping u my details.
  3. So how to hack gold, i tryed to change both 102 and 53 but nothing happens.
  4. I got this when i search for 53, but after changing value doesnt change after exiting the game.
  5. I tired the last method provided bu nofear 0×4, 1~9×4, 53×4 But it doesnt work anymore. It works on my old phone, but i installed the game on new phone it doesnt work
  6. @NoFearAny guide for the same. If possible plz make a new guide to hack gold.
  7. @NoFear Gold hack doesn't work anymore, I have reinstalled the game, but now gold hack doesn't work anymore. Requesting you plz provide us new method to hack gold.
  8. can u show us how to hack defender, when ever I tried game restarts, the video by nofear is to fast can't see what exactly he does. @NoFear can u make a new video regarding plane hack, just a request.
  9. @NoFear can show us proper guide for God mode and unlimited hp,
  10. @NoFear when will crystal hack, will available for public.
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