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  1. minhquangpm

    Pokemon Quest

    Anyone has ideal about modding Stone Slot and Bingo bonus?
  2. minhquangpm

    Pokemon Quest

    Step by step: - DWORD search pokemon's current hp value (144 HP for example) - Equip 1 power stone to change the hp value - Search new hp value - Repeat step 1-3 until there are 3 results. - Click last result and click "Go to" - You will see something like below img. 144 is HP, 82 is ATK for example (these are base stats of the pokemon I search) - Scroll down slowly you will notice there are some line same as that. - Keep scrolling down until you see the last lines of these 144D, 82D (means there is no line like these below) <- these lines are what we looking for. - Click them and modify the value to what you want.
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