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  1. Doesn't matter.. This was my 3° Account, I experimented doing all except Arena (not even Gem) and got banned again.. Sooner or later you are gonna get caught by editing the memories values.. No more SWA for my.. Was the 3° time got lvl 23 with really nice s***. Don't wanna start it all over.. Guess I'll get back to FIFA 14 then
  2. Tell him ON PRIVATE the address you use for dmg hack DO NOT POST IT HERE! It will make easier to developers to make it harder to find
  3. wtf is that? I can't see the videos.. Can someone please send me the link?
  4. We need to know wich data is "Off Server" I think that the clock for Energy is one of them, still clocking in plain mode.. So.. The Summoning portal? Values of Summoning?
  5. I'll send you a picture later. If you want send me a private with Skype ID or WhatsApp number. :-D
  6. Not me, the kid who posted his ID.. Next Monday, he's gonna be out.. I hope not!
  7. Ey ryu9990 do you think maybe it's possible to work over the Summoning Portal? I mean, can it be set to 0 requirement or it dependes on Server 100% ?
  8. Yeah man, 3° acount and got pretty nice Monsters.. Bounty Hunters (wind & fire) Succubus, and else.. Don't wanna get banned this time cuase will be the last time I play..
  9. Allready made that tuto like a week ago.. Dmg adress has changed, but still working PD: Used to finish (at least with 5 cases on different people) on 794.. The logic says now it ends on 44
  10. dah, we've posted that for free.. Knowlege in this case aint profitable.. Must share with others
  11. If we keep telling them how to break their fake adress system, they will only get better at making it harder..
  12. Something came up to me.. If 25000 people read the post, read my tuto and mod dmg.. Are they gonna ban em all? I mean.. thats a lot of players.. I can't imagine devs like: Edit: Somehow, sooner or later, there will be no players at all
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