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  1. Only hack that's working for me is Obsidian Chest. I managed to hack the gold myself (Float, in game) However now whenever I search a value game crashes (not the script fault, but might someone knows the issue since the chest works fine!) Hopefully updates on this script I'm kinda stuck at a level. Nevertheless as I see the options this script provides 4/5 (just missing a point due not working)
  2. Hello, this is my Monster Warlord Bot. No hacks for the game, this is my solution. Description. This is my Monster Warlord Bot, via Blue Stacks (Also have a Bot for Teamviewer/VNC Viewer) What this includes * Quest (All, just show number 2) * If Quest is done 100%, it checks it so yes, it moves to a not completed Quest. * Team Battle * Boss Battle (If Boss Battle hasn't started yet, it returns to other procedures) * Boss Battle does x10 Attacks until you can only do x1 Attack then does x1 Attack until no Stamina left. It's in very early stages, but it runs 24/7 already adding more features later.
  3. Hello everyone, as most of you know that play Monster Warlord it's though to add Alliances right? Well, I'm not into modding/hacking games, more into making Scripts for games, I've made an Script that adds Alliances those adds are done in a day. I gathered information from a site, each page has 20 Alliance Codes and it went through 497 Pages, this is the result (It took 5 hours to go through all pages and add everyone.) I find the app Alliance Adder very annoying and slow, so I made this.
  4. How to fix Google Play Store Connection Error. Requirements Rooted phone Root Browser (You can find enough on the Internet) Moving on the the fix. 1. Open Root Browser 2. Go to the map "Etc". 3. Go down to until you see "Hosts". 4. Hold your finger on "Hosts" for a second, then release something will pop up. 5. Press "Open With..." 6. Press Open As (Incase you get the same as me) 7. Choose "Text File". 8. Scroll down to "RB Text Editor" (Or any other text editor you have) 9. Remove all lines except the first line " localhost" 10. Save and your Google Play Store has been fixed.
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