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  1. ahiung

    ePSXe hackable?

    well this is new to me, all i know is as long as the program or whatever that is not server sided, i can touch them. But this statement makes me feel like, "okay, i can cheat offline games, but not all of them." whatever that algorithm be, I hope GG can work for ALL android app, not specific to any. keep the good work GG! case closed
  2. ahiung

    ePSXe hackable?

    up... how to hack ePSxe and Drastic Ds emulator? Android Oreo RR
  3. ahiung

    ePSXe hackable?

    update: while GG is not searchable in ePSxe, it is searchable in FPse by simple WORD type of value. However, the speedhack is not working in FPse, it is unbelivable but it works on ePSxe. This tells me one feature cost other feature to work. The reason is unknown and unbelievable, is it because of the android version, the engine that used by the app, or whatever that can be, i dont know. This also happen on different type of NDS emulators. I just hoping that someone who is knowledgeable enough come by to explain briefly what is going on, thats all.
  4. ahiung

    ePSXe hackable?

    I tried to hack epsxe game using GG, but no success attempt, is something wrong? I tried all type of value search (fuzzy, manual, and XOR) nothing works. is some trick has to be done on epsxe? game that I have tried are Harvest Moon (simple value like money, lumber, or tools gauge), also FF Tactic ( exp, and money ). GG works on other emulator like NDS emulator with no problem, also android games.
  5. Thank you for your kindness sir, I successfully hacked the game. A new hacking skill has been added to my diary. Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk
  6. Sorry, I missed it. Thanks anyway man. Have a good day. Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk
  7. Where is the video link? Just the link please, thanks man Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk
  8. I want to learn hacking with xor, I need guidance. I tried to search xor value in this game and got no result.... whether it's encrypted value or not, I got 0 results. Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk
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