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  1. ShadyJN

    Island Wars

    What was the previous method? Can you step me through it and I'll try to find how it may have changed.
  2. ShadyJN

    Island Wars

    Were you ever able to figure this out? And what did you mean "ordered at :: 5"?
  3. Upon further investigation, it looks like downloading the game from the play store was causing it not to work, downloading it from other sources allows the speedhack to work.
  4. A password makes it so you can market your script, you can make people pay to use it because they need a "key" (the password) in order to make if function.
  5. Tried updating to 2.5.7 on Google Play store and it stopped working, Uninstalled the play store version and installed 2.5.7 from apkplz and its working again.
  6. Here is the rom I'm using https://mega.nz/file/ODhGkJKI#HIWsZw_tCV4mJgX1z3WMsEBlTc_ARiaLFY9nFpujCXs Here is the version of Vmos I'm using https://www.mediafire.com/file/qgpavy3c9x6i9tk/VMOS_Pro_MOD_v1.2.2.apk/file Both can be found here on HuskyDG's github https://github.com/HuskyDG
  7. Lengthy post incoming but it may be worth the read. So I've been lurking and using gameguardian for years, but have never been on this site as much as I have today. I play a game called Island War, it's an arm game with no x86 libs or anything else, none of the values can be changed (only cosmetically) but I noticed the speedhack works (kind of), I didn't see a use for the speedhack at the time because the build times for things on your island would just reset after you sped the time up so it seemed useless. Move on about 2 weeks later when I'm using an auto clicker app to farm resources in single player mode when I thought "hey if you could speed this up you could get a lot of gold faster" and then I remembered that the speedhack in game guardian worked. So I boot up gameguardian and start the speedhack, to my surprise, it did not work, at the time I had no idea speedhack supposedly didn't work in ARM games, so I just started tinkering around with settings, all of the speedhack functions were red so I didn't bother with any of those, and I just couldn't get it to work, so I was looking through the forums here like crazy and started trying all kinds of different versions of VMOS and different roms, 5.1 and 7.1.2 both 32 and 64bit with no luck, this went on for about 9 hours. But then, finally, I found a rom that is working (at the time of this post), I didn't change any settings in gameguardian, just loaded it up, selected the process, started the speedhack and it works, now there's absolutely a chance that I could close the game, boot it back up, and it won't work for whatever reason. But at the moment of this post, the speedhack in gg 101.1 is working in a game running arm architecture. Is that normal? Because everything I've seen all day tells me it shouldn't be working in arm games. Any idea why the speedhack would work and then no longer work later using the same version of the same game in the same rom on the same version of vmos? I'll come back in the comments and post the version of vmos and the rom I'm using if anyone wants to take a shot at reproducing this. Also this is working in version 2.5.6 of Island wars, I haven't tried it in 2.5.7 yet.
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