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  1. Oh man thats way too much for me, but thanks for the help, ill ask my friend maybe he is capable of it.
  2. Yuukis is it possible to change those item prices with gg? Thanks btw
  3. Im not so good with gg, i do understand its complex with server sided games, i will try to edit the prices, but that will be hard for me lol
  4. anyone whos able to actually hack gems? would pay for it
  5. Could someone share a method of hacking gems in this game? the values can be easily found and changed but when you try to buy something in the shop the game just crashes or the loading never ends.
  6. I didnt hack hp and attack but diamonds and other currencies. Works well. Idk about their detection system tho. Because hacking to lvl 80 is kinda obvious lol billions of xp needed
  7. Has anyone got banned for hacking coins and diamonds? Any info about how anti hack system works?
  8. Its either hard or impossible to edit xp, but i did edit the levels themselves, to 80. Very easy game to hack but your character isnt properly displayed on leaderboards, nor any other players also, at least in my case.
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