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  1. I got it ... I always searched for Dword then i tried all and its super easy even with diamonds found it on the first define seearch Try to search foe "all" instead of "dword" worked for me
  2. The videos doesnt seem to work or do they need to go through a check by the mods? Are there multiple process of the game? Cant find any value Thanks for helping
  3. d*** i think im not worthy to use GG need to learn a lot about online games I can hack coins but if you buy something its gone so idk does it acually work? Gj monkey
  4. Cant get it to work ._. can you be a bit more detailed? it crashed a few times too
  5. d*** i will try that .. i tried "ingame" coins but i couldnt do that .. will try the attack of gun ty How did you got a green
  6. Can anybody create a script or show me how to hack that game? Would pay for a script This game is full of P2W players ._. like energy / always drops that gear you want / coins / chests cost way less gems (maybe 1 or if it doesnt crash -1)
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