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  1. Thank for answering my questions, after I try to install the 86_64, the error is still there still says unavailable. Im doing it while online on virtual x8 sandbox, tried to install another virtual but still the same. Looks like I did revert the value. Im so dumb, I have no idea what Im doing. do you have any other solutions?
  2. Hello, I was following tutorial on other topic to hack in app purchase by editing value in Xa range, but it failed and now I cant make any in app purchase in every game, it always says unavailable when I try to purchase something. Tried to reinstall but still error. How do I get it back to normal?
  3. I need help, after I try this method I cant purchase anything on the store including golden ticket. I try to reinstall game but still the same. How do I get it back to normal? please it's been 2 days, still cant purchase anything, it says unavailable. @cisco72563
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