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  1. Hi Mario, thanks, going to try it....still working with, but I will try this. I'm gonna ask very politely....could you please also adjust or update Real Racing 3 Car Hack ? Real Racing 3 (9.3.0) Car Hack (#uvym7z4) Thanks, W
  2. Hi Mario, unfortunately, did not work for me after so many trials. There is this error message: Any help or advice please ? Thanks, W
  3. Hi Mario, excellent script. Very proud of your work ! One question - does anybody have an experience, that when you hack max speed or grip for cars that are actually in weekly time trial or online tournaments....that EA/Monkey servers will ban your RR3 Account ? Because I think it seems possible, that they will "scan" your car characteristics before granting you 100 CG... Thanks, W
  4. Hi Mario, only want to say THANKS, because still works with newer version of game. Excellent ! I wonder, is there any possibility to try find and change game physics ? When I use upgrade, physical characteristics of the car are better and better. My question is, is there any editor, we can make a car even better (beyond) upgrades ? I did see this kind of editor many years ago, do not know if this can be hacked now. Thanks, W
  5. Hi Mario, this must be written...although still does not work, I managed to run successful all currencies with "slower version" Works perfect ! for M$, R$ and CG. Thank youuuuuu !!! I wish I will be able to learn how to do this... Once more, Thank you Mario ! W
  6. Hi Mario, Bluestacks v, 32 bit android GG latest - 101 Thanks, W
  7. Thank you Mario, this version works for gold, R$, unfortunately not for M$. But thanks a lot ! Merry Christmas to all and stay healthy !, W
  8. Hi Mario, I trust mainly Bluestacks emu (although not for 100%), well, is Nox better ? ...or another question - what EMU are you using what is your preference? Or what is your advice for EMU ? Thanks, W
  9. Hi Mario, does not work.... I installed new version of Bluestack, root, SU....etc to have root privileges, fresh installation of apk "com.ea.games.r3_row-9.0.1". Then with no login to account or connection to internet tried this LUA script with this error:
  10. Bluestack root emu, Yes selected process was right and I will try to use script from native (not shared) directory Thanks for advice, W
  11. Hi Mario, thank you for new currency hack. Unfortunately, it does not work on my side:
  12. Hi Mario, if there is any chance you could help me teach LUA scripting for RR3 by sending your source code for this old "Real Racing 3 (8.7) R$/Gold/M$ Rewards Hack" to my email address, I could writhe it in private mesage. Thanks, W.
  13. Hi Mario, thank you for answer. Well I know how to work with GG, how to find values, but especially in RR3 there are 6 memory address for M$ and I tried manually changed it in GG - but with no success - even not in v8.7.1. The game somehow always correct nubmers I changed to original values. For this reason I was surprised how skilled you must be to be able to find out, hot to get around those in game checks and controls. I know this would seems maybe inappropriate here, and sure I dont want to be rude, but could I ask - if You would be willing to share that particular script in source language for my study purpose please ? Thank you in advance, W
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