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  1. Yes it does. Tried it on the new Bugatti LTS...
  2. BostjanZ

    real racing 3

    This one still works: Real Racing 3 (9.0.1) Endurance Hack Reloaded (#bxvx8m3h)
  3. Thank you for the suggestion MarioRossi93i, but I'm actually interested in the second part of the video, that is upgrading the tunings (and not drivers or principals). Your link works perfect for the later ones, but not for tuning. Was wondering if anyone managed to hack the tunings, similar as we have your car upgrader hack. Thanks again, appreciate your work and the efforts you put into this little community.
  4. Sorry for bringing this "old" post back to life, but I was just wondering if the tuning upgrades hack still works? I have tried it, but just can't do it. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but more likely the monkeys have changed, how the values are stored. Just wondering if anyone managed to hack this?
  5. Had the same problem with the Light version... but then I tried an older verson, in my case v.4.0.9035 and it works as a charm. Try an older version and see if it helps...
  6. Had the same problem... Parellel Space Lite works on my Galaxy S7 edge with Android 8.0, but it doesn't work on my Galaxy Tab S4 with Android 10. For Samsung device with Android 10 try "VirtualXposed_0.20.3_for_GameGuardian_64bit.apk". It works for me...hope it helps...
  7. I can also confirm, that it does work on my phone via Parallel Space Lite with 64bit mode. And that it doesn't work on Nox emulator via 32bit mode!!!
  8. Wow, didn't think that was possible with a single script. Nice. Thanks.
  9. Have tried to setup the same on my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge, Android 8 and it works perfectly for me too. Thx for the suggestion
  10. Afterwards run a short race, like autocross or speed snap and it should work.
  11. Yes, thanks, have tried that, but the results were pretty poor. It takes the MP4-X about 6 min for a lap at Lemans, which isn't that good. Now, with the help of another program (Sikulix) I've made a little script so it drives "normally and kick a**" for 45 sec and in "freeze mode" for 25 sec alternatively. That way it takes one lap in about 4 min, which is much better. I used this in 100% bonus day with an agent - result was aprox. 1.500km driven and 1.8M fame over night That's 3 level-ups at my level... Now Imagine, you could bring this time down to the basic time the autopilot needs to complete a lap - haven't tested that, but I guess it's about 2:40 or so....
  12. Great job, as always Too bad though, that in Endurance racing overtaking doesn't count when in ghost mode. Now that would really be the best way of farming The combination of autodrive, freeze and ghost mode would be perfect for Endurance races! Nevertheless, just keep up the good work and thank you for making us, the users, happy
  13. Ok, so the scrip also didn't work for me as it should. I'm using Nox. I did everything as in the video and the change just didn't appear. So I tried a little different approach, which works for me and for all currencies. So this is what I do: Change te currencies as instructed. Then just minimize the game, so you get to the home screen - don't shut it down. Then reopen the game. Now restart it as in instructions and it should change the values. This helps me. Hope it will help anybody else.
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