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  1. Nice to hear that ! But as of Now I'm unable to dump CodM activition dump ! Even tho i have already tryed MetadataLoader function hook to get deobsfuscated one , but bad luck as always
  2. Actually i guess they change some structure fields in metadata file as a from of obfuscation ! So we must need to re-arrange the fields of metadata structure such as "il2CppMetadataRegistration" OR "il2cppCodeRegistration" ; To De-obsfuscate the metadata we need to manually find some De-obsfuscation function , metadata Loader Function , Some Obfuscation pattern in the binary il2cpp . I don't have enough knowledge about that ! SOOO Hope in future people will Public the methods :)
  3. I have found a value in Xa (CODE_APP) range, and I want to use this value in C++ code with the help of Memorytools.h (a Chinese Memory editing tool for mobile) Now My question is... How can I do this ?..because the option(Xa) is not available in memorytools.h There are list of available items :: ALL, A_ANONYMOUS, ALLOC, C_DATA, B_BAD, C_BSS, C_HEAP, JAVA_HEAP , CODE_SYSTEM(Xs), STACK, ASHMEM ...I have used many methods in this case and I have tried all the ranges but none of them are working,,,also I have tried DWORD and FLOAT both data Type.. So,, please help Me.. Thanks in advanced Note : I am tried to edit memory with c++ in mobile (Not PC) ,,also I have attach the MemoryTool.h in this post MemoryTools.h
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