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  1. There are 2 methods. (For 32 bit virtual apps we can fc, but rank issue will be i.e make lengthy package name.) (We can't dfix fc at all for 64 bit virtual and ff, I'm trying, I will also if possible.) Method 1:- Use xprivacylua (just disable get applications, also imei etc). • Go for vmos also, 7.1 rom Method 2:- (For non gg hacks ) Like ss and andlua+ etc Don't install and use xposed framework.
  2. Yes, your absolutely right! But in armv7, we get matchmaking issue for rank also classic 100% , if we [select process or debug] before login* But in above android 9 versions with root, no fc*, may b due to privacy default settings* Does you know how to fix for less than android 9 devices?? Xpravicy xposed any helpful? Wht permissions to deny? Please help me
  3. How you fixed ? Fc What permissions to deny, using xprivacy?? Please reply For me also fc from few days, but not before
  4. Try vmos pro with 7.1.2 32bit root rom. There are so many bugs in 5.1 and 7.1.2 64 bit roms U can get here-
  5. UFOGaminG


    I think that gg is not modded correctly!! Use official ones!
  6. UFOGaminG


    There's separate version of virtualxposed (0.19) for 64 bit Note: Virtualxposed cant support 32bit and 64 bit in same version! You can check at https://virtualxposed.com/ [added 3 minutes later] Try DualSpace Or Install any virtual from play store or any .. if that support then allow debugging ( use apk editor, Edit in androidmanifest.xml) so you can get gg optimized virtual (I think this doesn't works with chinese virtual as they are protected)
  7. Does this makes, any virtual optimize for gg and andlua+ ?? Pls reply!
  8. Try VirtualXposed, ParallelSpace, MultiSpace, Dualspace....
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