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  1. @mariorossi..thank you very much.
  2. Thanks Mario but does not work for me unfortunately. (x64) rr3_ads_remover.v9.
  3. It would look like you succeeded but the hack will not work. It was fixed a few updates ago.
  4. You are better than Micro$oft support..Trust me
  5. Hi Mario..I can help with updating this one or any of your other scripts if you PM me what I need to look for.. Please let me know.
  6. Alpha script works fine on x64. All selections work.
  7. It has worked before but now I am getting script expired message.. Log attached. rr3_rewards_hack.v8.
  8. ROW = Rest Of the World In your script you have Racing 3 com.ea.games.r3_na 8.7.0 For those not in North America it will be Racing 3 com.ea.games.r3_row 8.7.0
  9. Script only for rr3 North America..Does not work for row. Cannot post in cheats section. No idea why. @impy cheat also works for driver level. 1000;5000;12000;25000;40000;65000;100000::48 DWORD Set all to 1.
  10. @MarioRossi93i..thank you..Looking forward to your combo script. Will be awesome..:)
  11. @MarioRossi93i..wish I looked here earlier..:) Figured it out myself. Attached. rr3_freeze_bots.v2.0.lua_g5aMCy_-1bMIOO.log.txt
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