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    0/10 I ran out of chests when I was trying to get panties avatar (wtf)
    finally it works perfectly and I love it epic script moment
    I just internally died when I saw the title and game has sounds from soobway sooorf developer of these games are pure megamind the script review: - unlimited cash (work flawlessly) - unlimited blue essence (nevermind it works just make sure to refine it well) -unlock chests (don't work anyway you have blue essence from previous hack so you can afford them easily) -score hack (work flawlessly) -unlimited boosters (work flawlessly) -speedhack (speedhack works but it's basically useless without some kind of fly hack) overall good work as always
  1. yeah video would be appreciated
    beacuse pros: -very good, clean ui tho cons: -sadly opponent must be first
    beacuse pros: -latest version -everything fully clear -easy to use -hacks fully working cons: -speedhack is pretty much useless without fly hack or roof play -nothing special
    good script but sometimes it need to be executed 2 times to get it work also once it crashed my entire app
  2. I'm probably too retarded to do anything with this but Lua masterminds are just next level mad cheats here
    Decent script but i would like to see some score hacks soon.
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