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  1. Ah Strange. I tried again but with compatibility mode, I forgot about it. and it works. Thanks
  2. The Slow version works. Give him some time.
  3. Yep I know I was waiting to connect again and send back to error. I hope this help.
  4. I'm having the below error if you can advise. My car is full upgraded. Sorry my screenshot didn't get pasted apparently, it was a division per null as per the error.
  5. 1_rr3_race_mode.v9.
  6. HI, With the new update the script is not working but the version S is still working.
  7. My bad, the race I was playing was strange but it was on purpose, all the cars were frozen, it's one of the stages in Trackday challenge, never seen that before. Anyway, the script is working as it should. Sorry to doubt you.
  8. Hello MarioRossi93i, It works for me but the cars seems to stay frozen even if I don't select Freeze Mode, also even when I try to deselect it, it doesn't change, they stay frozen. Is it the case for you guys? Thanks
  9. I didn't see that there was a Battery Hack, where can I find it??? FYI, the last version is not working but the previous one (the one that do the search first) is working.
  10. Yep, the car sometimes brake too much to try to avoid the others or to kick them slowly, so yes it takes time to finish a lap. @MarioRossi93i, I noticed in Formula E, the battery of the car reaches 0% like 100m before the end of the race with the auto drive (so imagine for a race of 20 laps, you fail to end the race ), I noticed this in New York track while in Berlin track it succeeds to reach the end of the race with almost 0% battery. I don't how you manage to do the auto drive but maybe you can tweak it. Thanks
  11. You can use freeze and kick a** and let it run....
  12. Hello @MarioRossi93i Excellent job, amazing script. I like the Deactivate selected options, Thanks.
  13. @Dulagwagon , thanks for your reply, but actually not, the race stays not won, but I just find out why it was not working; when the race have been already played and for example you finish 3rd, 4th or whatever but not 1st, the script wont don anything. But with races not player at all, it works like a charm. So maybe @MarioRossi93i can add an update if it's feasible.
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