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  1. https://asphalt.fandom.com/wiki/Talk:Vehicle_list_(Asphalt_8)?useskin=oasis
  2. Souls and crystals are simply xor encrypted.costume can be purchased by changing item id as here- Shadow of Death: Dark Knight - Stickman Fighting (#d9rto83x) Game link:https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.apkpure.com/shadow-of-death-darkness-rpg-fight-now/com.Zonmob.ShadowofDeath.FightingGames/amp
  3. 1. Reinstall vmos 2. This time
  4. How did you find these ids? I also saw you found the costume ids. Thanks for such great hack.
  5. It can be hacked by fuzzy search- changed value loop. Encrypted value search doesn’t work. Hoping for a fix in upcoming updates. @Enyby
  6. Its a 30 mb gameloft offline game with only one currency and no in app purhases. Yet most of the attempts failed. Download link:https://mega.nz/file/yEUkDCaa#oV0Yo7DcnJ7a-Z8RlQOh6mkifXG3RXTwbnlRZELUbMk
  7. We can hack car by changing ids. I'm curious about decals.
  8. I am assuming that the viewer already knows the method of hacking through car ids . There is a little change than the old method. (For old method, check: Asphalt 8: Airborne - hack tokens cars - GameGuardian (#1gmaz2fw) ) Note: close the game as you’ve changed the car id. Its important. Go online and boom, you lose all your hacked cars and upgrdes. Hacking tuning upgrade will lead you to cheaterboard within a very short time. Here is the list of car ids that I collected.the attached list of car ids is not owned by me.Thats enbys. I tried editing that but messed up a little bit. There are many spelling mistakes.My apologies. 284 lamborgini sian 270 ktm car 244 lightning bike 218 ariel atom 283 formula e 282 aspark owl 271 ferrari fxx k 272 Koenigsegg jesko 273 italdesign 274 lotus elis 277 infiniti project black 279 lotus evija Thanks to enby for introducing amazing tutorials back then. Screenrecorder-2020-05-26-06-05-33-829.mp4 car_ids.txt
  9. I know its an old post. But, did the car ids change? I'm unable to find most of the ids. And in case of (2;5;5;5;5:17), after editing require values, the game simply crashes
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