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  1. Hello Mario, this script happens the same thing that happened yesterday with the vip script, it says that you have the cars unlocked, but it is not like that. Thanks
  2. Thanks Mario, now it works. Perfect
  3. Hi Mario, the problem with this is that when you run the script, it tells you that your car is vip, but when you look at the car it is not vip.
  4. I'm sorry Mario, it works perfectly, I didn't realize I had done wrong
  5. Hello Mario, check the script, because it has an error and does not give the option to modify the resources
  6. hello to all those who have not worked, restarting the game is closing it and opening it again, do not minimize the game and it works 100%
  7. [added 0 minutes later] ***** crazy, wipe your mouth before you speak, because if you're here on this page, I don't think you're looking for a card game.
  8. Hello, I just tried it and I get an error, it doesn't work. [added 0 minutes later] Hello, I just tried it and I get an error, it doesn't work,
  9. I already asked you, does it only work offline or does it also work in online tests?
  10. hello, this script only works in offline event.
  11. The problem it is not that the mobile is root or not, the issue is that it can be done without a script and it works for the 3 different currencies, but people are engaged in a script, that every time the game is updated, you have than update the script.
    It is very good, but other faster methods without downloading anything.
  12. Hello, I have seen your script and it is great, the truth is that I use another method. I have a question. Of all the numbers you are looking for in this script, what number are you looking for to verify the results?
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