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  1. You should tag @Enyby maybe he could provide some help
  2. Since you've gotten a virtual space working perfectly for you. Put aside your curiosity bruv
  3. Then try using other data types. Try using DWORD but refine your values until you get fewer results
  4. It depends on the virtual Space you're using though. And if it requires downloading new resources, that shouldn't be a problem, Just do that.
  5. I don't really get your question though. But you can use ON and OFF menu to activate and deactivate cheats
  6. Bro, this asphalt 8: airborne you're talking about might be server-sided. Also, gameloft games seem difficult to hack unless you have expertise that are willing to help. If you can't find solution to this, I'll recommend downloading modded app from Google
  7. El_dorado

    Decryptor lua?

    Use this file to decrypt.. I hope you know how you can do that because it's a compiler made by GG itself. compiler.lua
  8. How do I write scripts that change languages for users using internet connection? Cos it's not possible to write a script with many languages, it'll be so stressful
  9. El_dorado


    why am I seeing savage replies everywhere?
  10. oh father lord, I can't stop laughing
  11. Using DWORD will result to many search results and won't be exact. About the smart question, my bad, I'll adjust sir.
  12. View File Critical Action Gun Strike Ops v2.0.416 Menu - All Assaults unlocked - All Snipers unlocked - Pistols Unlocked - Unlimited Cash Enjoy and give a five-star rating Submitter El_dorado Submitted 05/18/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  13. I tried downloading this script many times but I can't. It's reading error. Is it my browser or the file?
  14. There's a game I've been trying to get the unlimited health. I've gotten the Float value for the health, I've even frozen and it works perfectly while using game guardian. But getting it in a Lua script is the problem, whenever I execute the script more than 2000 results are gotten and the game crashes after then The value was 1.4012869e-43F, and I replaced it with 50. I sometimes thought the value I used was big, so I changed it to 30 but the game keeps crashing and sometimes it freezes.
  15. Does anyone know how to rebuild a game after it has been modified so that the hacked values (maybe gems or coins) are still there. Whoever has the modified game will not need to get it hacked again.
  16. El_dorado

    Coin Master

    What game?
  17. Version 2.0.416


    Menu - All Assaults unlocked - All Snipers unlocked - Pistols Unlocked - Unlimited Cash Enjoy and give a five-star rating
  18. El_dorado

    Coin Master

    I've witnessed a stuff like that before, Just try hacking stuffs u can buy with coins
  19. Try using the "search nearby button" - after you've gotten ur coin value, long tap on it and click search nearby, input your gem value and search. If that doesn't work, look for stuffs you can buy with gems and hack them. If they're together, you can use the group search to get a lesser value #El_Dorado
  20. It's somehow complex but I can drop a file for you, then you can ask question if you don't understand. Try using the file below cs='Oof' while(true)do if gg.isVisible(true)then gal = 1 gg.setVisible(false) end gg.clearResults() if gal == 1 then First() end end Always put "any word" = -1 to minimize the script Slap Kings v1.0.3.lua
  21. View File Slap Kings v1.0.3 Lua script Unlimited Coins Enjoy and give a five-star rating Submitter El_dorado Submitted 05/16/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  22. Version 1.0.3


    Unlimited Coins Enjoy and give a five-star rating
  23. Thanks a lot bro. I'm grateful
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