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  1. Hello, I'm kinda new to GG hacking. I wanna get more heroes but it has been very grindy so i decided to hack a little. First thing i found out is that it's only possible to change the value of player owned companion points visually due to it being server based, like most of the other things(diamonds, hero EXP). Next thing i tried was to find the cost value for the 10x pull in the tavern(with double type), but i couldn't find it no matter what. Then i tried to tweak the equipment cost from the store(again, with double type), but it's always just visuals. Campaign and King's Tower's rewards are also visually editable. Now I'm just starting to question what's in the game that's NOT server-based that can be exploited. Even the energy/ health hack is blocked by protection, so i'm kinda stuck. As NoFear said, most of the game's values are stored as double, so XOR key method is kinda out of the way too.
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