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  1. And again, good time of the day!) tests were carried out empirically. It turned out that the battle with the boss was initially started and completed on the server for your account before it started. It depends on you only: 1. Your level. 2. How much damage you cause. What are these conclusions from? 1. We go into battle. 2. Click to fight barefoot. 3. Remember all the rewards that you get. 4. before time runs out or all your heroes die - press a pause - start a new one. 5. see what items you will fall. 6. No matter how many times you start the game or change heroes, the rewards will be the same. 7. EVEN if you press: pause - start from the beginning - back button (cancel) - exit the game or kill the game. after the restart, you enter the game again, repeat again, the fight with the barefoot and get the same rewards.
  2. image Ftp link http://imimg.lilithcdn.com/ Login author "maoxing" date 2019/8/15 Ban List. search BatTable {"BanTable":{"1":[1,"Your account has been locked!\n Reason: Use of third party applications and/or scripts.\n If you would like to dispute this issue please contact customer support." "ArtifactTable":{"1":[1,"Dura's Grace","Normal" "Restores 10 energy points "BattlePassExpTable" {"BossTable":{"1":[1,"ActivityBoss","Demonic Entity",1012,31001, ---to boss ---- ["Item","105","1"],1,38]}}} {"ChargeFundTable":{"10001 1":[ т,,1,"CompleteChapter",1,["Currency","diamond","2700"],"{0} D &s"A B х {0} To Receive"] {"ChargeGoodsTable":{"1001":[null,1001,2, 0 у 1003,"300 Diamonds", "BeginnerGift "DialogNPCTable" boss_result_check public_beta_gift
  3. Good day. My name is Seva. I am from Transnistria. For this, please forgive me for my bad English. Here is the link to enter the administrators of different projects. In google chrome (in the translator, select the translation from Chinese simplified to your language) AdminPanel http://acl.lilithgame.com/user/login http://q.lilithgame.com/temporary/qq88zm9eyz?id=1F I started reading codes and other documents of the game. (afk arena). I have already gone a lot of useful. 1. The game saved links to contests for which they give rewards. If you did not play or did not have time for this competition, you can get a reward. You will have to open the game's files and find a link to the contest, the files are encrypted. Here is one of the links to Google polls. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSegp4LriwbNp7hiPnIRNy5yrrFx1WvYrhetNegkDxgVUPZpXg/viewform Also in the tavern (store) configuration file I found the timings. Which determine the color of random heroes. and determined that, press the button to get 10 heroes after 7 seconds. in the interval from 7 seconds to 11 seconds, you have 3 times a chance to get 3 purple heroes. From 11 to 13 you have a chance to get 1 purple hero. those who understand this and who are not afraid of the language barrier. I suggest you contact me by mail :: crausser@mail.ru tagged with topic title AFK GG - AFK Game Guardian. I conducted many tests in which I observed. Which actions depend on the server, and which on the client. However, I am not good at using GG and I don’t know much about how to implement it. For example, you can search for the values: {"ed":{"TavernPoolTable":{"1":[1,"Produces All Heroes","Normal","Classic",4,[],[],120,1,2, To find a chance to get heroes of different ranks. Here is a couple of useful data on which you can search: All that I will still find will try to spread here. IP adress's
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