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  1. not mocking, i am not sure if you know where to look to see if i had sent them. they have the links on the pics and the images so you will know what to look for and what i sent. has nothing to do with mocking, strictly informative
  2. uploaded clips to the link you sent this is an s.s. of it for you
  3. how can i send you a video clip @Enyby
  4. yup still nothing but crashes game even just activating speed hack.
  5. i also have a video clip, but no way to send it to you .
  6. ok well it was a root thing. but now i have a different problem. went from android 9.0 to 10.0, Game guardian went from 87.7 to 87.8, monster warlord went through a 30 maintenance. now in vmos, when i run the g.g. and monster warlord in vmos for the speed hack, it slams shut. tried clearing cache and data, re-installing, resetting app preferences and no fix
  7. i own a galaxy s10 (at&t) american , i have tried vmos, exposed, parallel, and so on. no matter what i do, the speed hack does not work. is there a problem with the at&t version. if not, can some post me a link to the proper instructions for the installations to make it work
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