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  1. @Enyby... have u run across any advantages to Casino/Slots games mainly Huuuge Inc. games (Huuuge & Bllnre)? I realize they're server sided but is there really no hope for a chip count advantage other than cloning apps for numerous accts? Ive even tried a speedhack to slow down the slot reels and make it stop on something good... problem is, of course 98% of the time u don't know what's coming and when u stop the spin its not immediate, still spins a bit. Plus... I've noticed that its still going to do what its going to do, just at an extremely slow speed... I guess spdhcks are best left to 1PS's.. Any reply is greatly appreciated.. Thanks.
  2. Is Jackpot Slots a Huuuge Inc. game? If so have you found anything usable to change chip count? I play Huuuge Casino and Billionaire... Thanks
  3. kiNe


    I know, I know... I'm sure everyone's sick of questions about casino/slot hacks, but please help out an old PC gamer on an Android. Thanks in advance. Huuuge Casino or Billionaire Casino... What's the deal with server sided Casino games where u can't even win real money??? Yes, I understand that they're trying to make money selling chips buy d***... If anyone has anything, or can at least for my sake, let me know if these 2 above mentioned games have any discernable advantages other than using cloning apps. Thanks!
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