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  1. [added 4 minutes later] Name of Game: SimCity BuildIt Game Version: 1.11. 8.41937 Name of Cheat: Cash/Keys/Gold/XP Search type: Dword Steps: Open both SimCity BuildIt, and GameGuardian Gold / XP / Keys After adding resources to a building and it shows the payout, search the amount of Gold (simoleons) it will pay you. This is a dword known value search. Edit all results by just adding +1 increasing so every value is different (you'll see in video). Click off the building and click back. See which value it matches and edit everything back to its original value except the one you want to hack. Directly below that value when you goto address is cash (don't bother editing, won't reward you) next 2 values are keys. A little further down (see video) you'll find XP. DO NOT HACK XP DURING TUTORIAL. You'll break the game and have to clear data and start over. Don't Freeze any values and claim rewards. **when you go do XP hack and do like 200000000 all at once. Game will crash. Reopen, you'll level up like 6 times and game crashes. Keep doing this until it stops leveling. I would recommend not doing that and maybe give yourself like 2000 xp at a time or something. Bypass Population Restriction Dword known value search how many sims you need to unlock a building. Edit all results by +1 increasing all values to be different. Click back on building too see which value it matches. Edit all other values back and edit the population restriction value to 1. You can now unlock the building. Cash Have to get to the achievements screen. Once their dword union search qty of task and reward. Easiest for me was the 1500000 and 32. Edit the 1500000 to 1 and 32 to something big like 2123456789. Claim another reward to make sure it changes to hacked value. If it does, claim it. Videos Gold / XP / Keys Bypass Population Restriction Cash
  2. Please take me to your simcity group or you should gather all the information about simcity here, because there is a lot of information chaos and this is not nice. I'm gonna freak out to find out what I've been looking for ... I wish the dear authorities to create a fixed Simcity BuildIt subject ... [added 3 minutes later]
  3. Mr. Moderator @NoFear, I don't do what I do, the methods you give don't work. Can you contact me privately? Or can you update these methods?
  4. I have the same problem, the method did not work. Please help me...
  5. it's wonderful. thanx ou all..! Please tell us how to increase the simoleon and increase the level ... You made me so happy that I can not ...
  6. All "sim.city.build.it" methods have been solved, urgently need new trick tactics.
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