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  1. when you fix the problem of speedhack in the Nox with games with arm libraries
  2. If I replaced the libraries of the previous apk with those of the new one, could it work? [added 2 minutes later] Please Help me My friend
  3. HI, I played Real Racing in the NOX last update the speedhack worked perfect, but the new update is no longer worth it, I copied the x86 libraries of the old apk in the new one and I get the message "The game is installed with ARM libraries although in the APK there are X86 libraries" I think it's a breakthrough, I do the from the How to replace ARM libraries with x86 libraries video tutorial - X-plore, but the app-lib folder is empty, can I solve the speedhack or is there no solution?
  4. I have the same problem the new version of RR3 not work speedhack help!!!
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