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  1. I'll give a try on both then, thanks for the help !
  2. That's not even really about playing, I'm not planning to use it will playing but just in the in-game menu so I'll still try I've got nothing to lose if there ar eno other way. So does that mean it can potentially work if I can get my hand on a ARM android device ? I think I could ask someone a Galaxy Tab E 9.6, do you think it could work (since it seems to be under ARM and not x86) or it's not even worth the try ? if so, I'd be wondering on what type of device it could work. Or is there any way to somehow make x86 libraries for the APK ?
  3. Here's what I get, it seems to be in ARM but there's no x86 at the end, so does it mean time jump definitly doesn't work on that APK while using Nox ? or is the problem from somewhere else ? Regarding AVD well I'll give it a try, I'm far from being a pro at all these things but I've got nothing else unless I want to buy something but spending bucks just to do one thing... Thank you !
  4. Dang, so how do I recognize if the game uses x86 / arm / x64 files ? I went into root/data/app-lib/[game] and there was nothing but Libgnustl & libUE4, maybe nothing does mean it's ARM ? If it's the case, do you know any Android emulator that would be in ARM, that can get ARM APKs and can run the time-jump ? Thank you !
  5. I did download the game directly from the store with Nox under 4.4.2 (maybe I need to make it on 5.1.1 or 7.1.2 ?) and what do you mean by hacking it in a different way ? here's the thing I want : I want to time-jump hack this game so I can see what's coming next, for example, there's 1 character for 3 days and what I want is to see the one coming after this one by using time-jump, I know it's working since somebody told me he was doing that to see what's coming next, but I don't know any other ways to do it & I don't have any android device, and if the game don't come as x86 and if it doesn't work for x64 then I don't know how to make it work EDIT: The game I want to jump-hack is Injustice 2 mobile.
  6. So after several test and a expertize from someone, the game I'm trying to speedhack doesn't have x86 libs. The thing is I know the speedhack is working, a couple of dude are using the speedhack to leak some things by doing a time-jump... so if the game doesn't have x86 and if it doesn't work on x64, how do you make the speedhack work ? do you need an ARM device with ARM files ?
  7. Thanks for the reply, I will test that tomorrow and keep this thread updated.
  8. I know that that's why I'm wondering if there was an android emulator that was able to defaultly download games in x86 (Just noticed I said X84 in my post, my bad, did a mix between x64 and x86...) or if I had to do manipulation. Thank you !
  9. Hello ! I've started using Game Guardian recently and I now have a problem, the speedhack isn't working on my Nox emulator, I saw it had to be ARM or X84 and that nox had compatibilities problems with GG, especially for the Speedhack that tells PTRACE error and Game protected after launching it without protections, so what would be the best emulator to use Game Guardian to get the speedhack working ? Thanks you !
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